Jul. 6th, 2010

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[Written with handwriting so perfectly printed it looks typed. Strikes are one simple line through the text, quite legible.]

Day 4, exact date unknown

So far, I have remained unharmed and safe. Although there have been accounts of monsters, torture and brain-washing, I have yet to experience any of these myself. I have run into at least one patient with experience concerning the torture. It troubles me greatly.

We visited a town, Doyleton, yesterday. I was unable to plot any possible escape routes. However, the place seems to have many shops to obtain supplies from so I will begin making lists of all materials needed for any weaponry I happen to accrue in the future. Perhaps if I could get Carter to focus

On a lighter note, I have made a few new friends. They are very good people. It is because I know them that I choose to do tonight what I will. Tonight, I cannot let anything stop me.

Objectives achieved:
  • Met with Junpei-san two nights ago as instructed.
  • Met with Yukari-san last night and affirmed her condition; positive.

Objectives on-going and gained:
  • Find a means to help everyone escape.
  • Confront the doctor, Landel.
  • Perform tests to ascertain level of achieved "humanity."
  • Find out the condition of Junpei-san and Evenageline-san.
  • Locate rooms set aside for "sleep studies" and "special counseling."
  • Check on Scar-san again.

[The rest is written in a much smaller, almost hesitant script. An ink blot starts it off.]

Cockblocking? This phrase It

[A couple more aborted words are left, but nothing coherent is written. It seems she remains at a loss concerning the word.

Also included folded into the creases of this entry is a fairly accurate sketch of Koromaru, along with Aigis' hand-drawn replica of Carter's drawing on the back, complete with all the little additions and mark outs.]


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