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As of Dinner of Day 53 )
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Just in case someone was interested.
Word count: 750ish thereabouts

Third person sample )
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How's My Driving?

Got suggestions and comments about how Aigis is being played?  Tell me all about it!  Please, don't flame or spam.   That's uncool.  Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!

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And IP logging disabled for your convenience! ♥

Extra note: Aigis is my first role-play journal ever.  Yes, that means I'm a noob and I probably suck.  If this is so, then by all means point it out to me.  I am not made of glass, nor am I afraid of criticism.  Please, I really, really, really would enjoy your input in how I play Aigis.  In fact, I welcome it openly.  ♥
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