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Before Landel’s:

Aigis has a very pale complexion, with short-cut blond hair and sky-blue eyes. She’s built to an average height for Japanese girls, around 5 feet tall (I’ll go ahead and cement it at 5’2”) and looks to weight about average or below, though as an android her mainly Titanium body is probably much heavier. Her hands are designed to look like they’re covered by gloves, her fingertips darkened, while her feet are rounded rather than actually shaped like feet, also darkened to give the appearance of wearing shoes. The joints at her shoulders and hips show exposed machinery and must be covered every time Aigis goes out in public. On her head is what looks to be a head band or head phones but are actually the cooling fans used to release heat after powering down from Orgia mode. At the base of her neck she always wears a bright red ribbon tied into a bow. This bow covers what Aigis calls her “Papillion Heart” because the device is what makes her who she is—essentially, it’s the closest thing to a living soul she has. It’s very fragile and must always be covered by the bow, so it’s never actually shown. Aigis does not have a completely anatomically correct body so when she fights she does not usually wear clothing. However, any time she goes out in public she often hides her robotic nature with her Gekkoukan High School winter uniform or a simple, blue sundress.

Changes made upon entering Landel’s:

Obviously, because so much of Aigis is blatantly robotic, she would have to be completely placed in a human body. Her looks will basically be the same (pale skin, hair and eye color) but she will no longer have the cooling fans, the exposed joints and the Papillion Heart. However, at the base of her neck will be a very small, red, butterfly-shaped birthmark in the place of the Papillion Heart.


Aigis is, first and foremost, determined. She takes her goals seriously and will do all that she can to see them through to the end, even to the point of self-destruction. Most of this is due to her nature as an android. She’s been programmed to follow her instructions thoroughly but it’s also important to note that Aigis would never go against her own morals. Aigis did all she could to stop Death/Ryoji from harming humanity and both times she paid for it dearly, but when Ikutsuki tried forcing her to kill the other members of S.E.E.S. she fought back with all her strength.

Aigis is also very curious. She questions everything she doesn’t understand. Sometimes if answers are too simple she even questions them further, but since her fight with Ryoji her questions have become centered around the meaning of “life” and what it truly means to “live.” It frustrates her that the answers she receives no long come quite as easily as before.

She has a great love for her friends, great enough that she would put her own well-being and comfort second to their needs. Aigis has already shown she would fight to the death for them, and even when the choice to kill Ryoji came up Aigis understood that if they lost their memories of the Dark Hour, Shadows and Persona they would also lose their memories of her. Though it conflicted with her goal to protect humanity Aigis begged them to kill Ryoji to save themselves from pain. In this sense she’s a bit of a martyr but it’s all done for her own selfish desire to keep the ones she loves dearest safe and comfortable, even at the expense of the world.

Her love for Minato is especially strong. Though she originally wished to be near him in order to monitor the Shadow Death within him her feelings eventually overcame that and Minato became a highly regarded person in Aigis’ heart. Above everyone else she wants him to be happy and free of suffering. In her mind he would not have been so deeply affected by fate had she not been so desperate to seal Death away within him. And because it was Death’s presence within Minato that caused so many others to suddenly awaken to their potential as Persona users, Aigis feels responsible for all of their fates and troubles.

I believe her personality is still somewhat malleable. Like a child, her exposure to much of the world has been muted. She’s still quite innocent of true cruelty and perversion though she understands the feelings of regret and loss. As something that can never truly be “alive” Aigis has never been able to understand how anyone could wish for death or find the destruction of humankind comforting.

Abe Sapien

Click here for a recording of Aigis' voice, in case you're interested to hear her slightly robotic tone and tempo.


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