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Relationships in order of meeting.
^ indicates the level of trust/like
- indicates the level of distrust/dislike
0 indicates unsure/neutrality

Think of it like a point system. Just make sure to note that Aigis pretty much sees most people through rose-colored glasses. ^^;

Relationships - Currently in Landel's

Arisato Minato [ profile] foolishmessiah ^^^^^
  • The one Aigis was waiting for. "...Because I wish to always be by his side."
  • Last time met: Night 53
Aigis has been having difficulty with her relationship with Mianto lately. She's been through so much, and he does all he can to support her. She wants so much to be of use to him. But at times, it feels like it might be too late. He's so much stronger than she, and so kind.

The girl in the showers (Furudo Erika) [ profile] witchdetective 0
  • Met during a shower shift when Aigis first "discovered" herself again.
  • Last time met: Day 48 - Women's Showers (2nd shift)
Erika shamelessly observed Aigis in the shower for possible signs of foul play but found nothing out of the ordinary. Aigis was so troubled to see that her papillion heart was missing that she completely forgot her manners and never caught Erika's name. However, she did find out the other girl was a detective.

Scar [ profile] longlivetehking 0/^
  • An acquaintance Aigis met at the Twin Pines in Doyleton.
  • Last time met: Day 51 - Lunch
She was a little intimidated during their first meeting but when she heard of his torture at the hands of the institute she immediately decided he was a helpless victim. She has encouraged him to come to her any time he is in need.

Lately, their only conversation has been over the bulletin, and it's generally just a brief check-in. Aigis is just glad he's managed to stay safe so far.

Takeba Yukari [ profile] windsome ^^^
  • A fellow persona user and friend.
  • Night 49
Aigis is still ignorant of Yukari's reappearance in the institute. She misses the girl's support. Maybe someday they'll meet again...

Sergeant Andrew Carter [ profile] stlg13bomber ^
  • A bright, cheery young man who approached Aigis during free time her first Sunday at Landel's.
  • Last time met: Day 50 - Arts and Crafts (free choice)
Carter and Aigis had a nice talk about WWII and the future~ She isn't quite sure what to make of his happy-go-lucky attitude towards the institute, but she has taken interest in his ability to create explosives. Maybe they could work together someday...

Rei Ayanami [ profile] hasnomeaning ^
  • A girl found in Main Hallway, 1-East. She looked quite too pale for Aigis to leave alone.
  • Last time met: Day 52 - Lunch
Rei is always an interesting one to speak with, if a little quiet. She's another that believes Aigis is actually human. Aigis has tried to remedy this, but Rei seems unperturbed. She is only vaguely aware that Rei saw her during her S-C.

Kay Faraday [ profile] stealthetruth ^
  • Aigis' second roommate. A cheerful girl.
  • Last time met: Day 53 - Dinner
Kay has been nothing short of supportive. She insists that Aigis is "awesome" though they're not very close. Aigis cannot seem to persuade her otherwise. She's thankful for her kind words, even if they're based on falsehoods.

??? (Woody Pine) [ profile] pullstring 0
  • Man that was interested in people who might have changed when brought to the institute.
  • Last time met: Never - Contact only through bulletin board
Aigis isn't sure what to think of this strange commenter. He seemed interested in people with 'out of body' experiences, though he was skeptical all the same.

??? (The Doctor) [ profile] timedork 0
  • One of her S-C victims.
  • Last time met: Night 52
This man tried to run away and ended up with a bullet in the shoulder for his efforts.

??? (Castiel) [ profile] poorexample 0
  • One of her S-C victims.
  • Last time met: Night 52
This man tried to stay and fight, but it was useless. Aigis isn't reasonable when her orders are absolute.

??? (Heiwajima Shizuo) [ profile] angeritself 0
  • One of her S-C victims.
  • Last time met: Night 52
Shizuo was probably the only one that put up a real right when Aigis was being controlled. Unfortunately that meant he was shot full of holes and suffered massive injuries in the process.

??? (Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener) [ profile] for_a_song 0
  • One of her S-C victims.
  • Last time met: Night 52
Aigis paid little mind to this man, since he was not an aggressor and did not try to run past her during the fight. He was probably the one to suffer the least damage.

??? (Ishida Uryuu) [ profile] repelling 0
  • Quiet boy from the Sun Room.
  • Last time met: Day 53 - Sun Room
More info to come...

??? (Maya) [ profile] selfnighted ^/0
  • Kind woman from after her S-C.
  • Last time met: Day 53 - Lunch
An incredibly kind woman. Aigis didn't realize it at the time, but she was just trying to cheer her up. If they meet again, Aigis will have to express her thanks and apologize for being such bad company that day.

Dr. Jizabel Disraeli [ profile] adoptingmylove -
  • Aigis' therapist.
  • Last time met: Day 53 - Therapy
Aigis cannot find it in herself to trust him. He works for the institute, and not only that! He looks like Ikutsuki! It's troubling. She wants nothing to do with him, yet he tries to be friendly. She will not fall for his lies.

Dropped - Not Forgotten

Tenjou Utena [ profile] roseoverture ^^
  • Met on the bus ride to Doyleton.
A sunny girl that has always made Aigis feel happier just to talk to her. Unfortunately, Aigis doesn't realize Utena is gone yet. Once she does, she'll probably feel depressed, but after all the other recent drops she'll have come to terms with this being a commonplace occurrence.

Heat [ profile] idontregret ^^^/^
  • The first patient Aigis met upon entering Landel's.
Heat was able to witness the reawakening of Athena and gave Aigis many gifts before they parted. Unbeknownst to ever herself, Aigis had been developing a small crush on the man which may have contributed to the extreme distress she experienced after his disappearance. Of all the patients that could of left, his disappearance has hurt her the most.

Iori Junpei [ profile] whos_da_man ^^^
  • A fellow Persona user and friend.
Once again, another friend of Aigis' leaves without her knowledge. She's always appreciated his support, and having him gone will leave one little light in her heart unlit.

Evangeline A. K. McDowell [ profile] bullygeneraleva --
  • Aigis and Junpei were interrupted by this little vampire "girl."
One girl that Aigis will not be sorry to see leave the institute. She's only ever brought Junpei grief and her control over him chilled Aigis to the core. She only regrets not being able to save Junpei from her while they were still here.

Manfred von Karma [ profile] perfectrecord ^^
  • Aigis and Scar were approached by this man after eating at the Twin Pines.
Strict but not overly so, in Aigis' opinion, she only ever saw von Karma as nothing short of a gentleman. Loosing him will not so much hurt her heart, but add to her guilt. Maybe if she had only been there for him he would not have been brainwashed to believe the institute's lies.

Dropped - Acquaintances

MOMO 0/^
  • Aigis's first roommate.
MOMO left before they could properly get to know one another. Aigis has regret, since MOMO was so young and seemed so nice...

Cissnei 0/^
  • The first patient Aigis met during a night shift.
Cissnei and Aigis did a bit of exploring at night but didn't really get very far. She has very briefly explained the situation of Landel's to Aigis, and while Aigis now had a better understanding of the evil of Landel's she still does not have enough information to be satisfied.

Sheena 0
  • Yukari's roommate.
She handed off Yukari's evoker the day she disappeared. Aigis didn't talk much with the girl. They were both going through difficult times...

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