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Just in case someone was interested.
Word count: 750ish thereabouts

Aigis almost wished she hadn’t agreed to have tea with Yukari and Fuuka at Changall Café. Looking around the Paulownia Mall pavilion only served to fill her with a sense of futility. No matter where she looked the signs of lost hope prevailed. Walls, benches, store windows and even the pavement bore Nyx’s mark and propaganda left by the followers of the Doomsday cult. The Lost, so pale and with their soulless eyes, no more than discarded husks, numbered higher than the healthy mall shoppers. Near the convenience store a small group huddled around a man dressed in a suit, yammering excitedly about the end of humanity as a new birth of civilization.

Aigis couldn’t fathom why he spoke with such enthusiasm. How can death for everything equate rebirth?

Aigis sensed the tension between Fuuka and Yukari as they shuffled to the café, huddled down against the chilling January wind. Something crackled under Aigis’ shoe and she bent down to examine it. A flyer was stuck to the bottom of her foot, another page left by the cult.

“‘Salvation is only for those who believe,’” Aigis read aloud, straightening back up to full height. “Our Most Benevolent Nyx-sama brings with her freedom from all life’s pain and hardship.”

“Don’t read trash like that, Aigis!” snapped Yukari, ripping the flyer from the android’s hands and crumpling it into a messy wad.

“I… I am sorry, Yukari-san.” Aigis looked down at the ground, biting her bottom lip, a human trait she had begun to pick up. Fuuka looked just as startled by the other girl’s sudden outburst.

Yukari heaved a sigh, her shoulders slumping a bit. “I’m sorry, Aigis. I guess… I’m just getting so tired of all this ‘Nyx-sama’ crap. You don’t have to apologize for anything.”

“No, it… I’m…” Aigis looked up, her blue eyes searching for an answer in the faces of her two friends. “Tell me, how can someone who lives wish so much for death?”

Yukari and Fuuka stared back at her, the winter wind blowing against their skirts and hair. A worried glance was shared between them and Yukari crossed her arms, looking away.

“That’s not an answer we can give,” Fuuka said, reaching out to touch Aigis’ arm. “I personally don’t believe that’s really what people want. They’re just latching on to the newest trend, even though it’s kind of crazy.”

Kind of? More like definitely,” Yukari scoffed but Aigis couldn’t detect any amusement in her smile.

Aigis touched Fuuka’s small grip on her arm, curling her own fingers against Fuuka’s. Aigis did not “feel” Fuuka’s fingers. She felt the pressure exerted from Fuuka’s touch and moderated her own to match the gentle touch. Just like everything else—her fighting prowess, her martial knowledge, her very own personality—it was just something programmed within her to help her interact with humans. Her reactions were only cheap reflection of humanity.

“It seems so unfair,” Aigis said, her voice lowering only marginally, imitating a whisper. “They don’t realize what they are asking for…”

Life. What she sought—no, craved most of all, these people were so willing to give up. If they no longer wished for life… How did that even work? Could such a feeling be, to wish to deny yourself your own existence? How could one choose a path that led to nothing?

“Well, if I have any say in it they’re never going know the true meaning of Nyx’s ‘salvation,’” said Yukari, breaking Aigis from her muddled thoughts. “If they want to throw their lives away because some cult says it’s going to be better for them, then I’m just going to have to give them a wake up call.”

Aigis looked up. Both Yukari and Fuuka were smiling at her, eyes full of friendship and determination. She smiled back, forcing the negative thoughts from her mind. She knew if she kept thinking such negative thoughts she’d never be able to muster the courage when the final battle arrived.

“I want to save them, too,” Aigis said. She glanced over at one of the Lost that lay near the fountain, her eyes glazed and sightless. A brief thought crossed her mind, and suddenly that limp girl was replaced by Yukari, then Fuuka, their own eyes staring at nothing, heads thrown back, unmoving.

I must never let that happen, Aigis thought, clenching her hands into fists at her sides, another human trait. I will never let that happen. We will defeat Nyx. We must.

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