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Aigis has the ability to use the power of Persona, a manifestation of her programmed psyche used to combat shadows. Unlike the other members of S.E.E.S. Aigis, technically a walking gun herself, does not need to use an Evoker and calls her Persona at will. Her Persona, Athena, uses various physical attacks like Heat Wave and God’s Hand, as well as some support techniques, such as Diarahan which heals a character’s health completely.

Limitations on Athena:

Aigis’ Persona ability will also be significantly altered. She won’t be able to call Athena at will as she used to and will require the use of an Evoker since she did not obtain to the power of Persona naturally, having neither awoken to the potential or faced her shadow-self. Aigis will need to grow accustomed to summoning Athena and therefore only be able to summon her once or twice a night, slowly building up stamina until she reaches the limit of three summonings per night. Her skills are limited to Dia (a low-level healing spell), Bash (a light strike attack) and Kill Rush (a 1 to 2 hit strike attack). Athena’s magic stat is relatively low, so Dia will not be incredibly effective except for flesh wounds. Physical attacks drain a Persona user of their health rather than mental strength, so Aigis will also suffer physically after using either Bash or Kill Rush.

As for other stat modifications and elemental/physical strengths and weakness, Aigis will change significantly now that she will be human. Her endurance will be slightly higher than the average teenage girl, able to take a hit or two more than expected, but her strength will be lowered since her power mostly came from the guns she equipped as an attack android. She will need a weapon or have to use Athena to do any real damage. Also, she will not be strong against any “piercing” types of attacks but since Athena is weak against electricity Aigis will retain that weakness. If hit by an electrical attack she will collapse and it will take a moment for her to get back on her feet.

Guns, Orgia Mode, and Others:

Aigis is basically a human-shaped, sentient gun. Her right arm is completely detachable and can be fitted with a large rifle, canon or bazooka that fires a single, huge shot when fighting Shadows during the Dark Hour. For smaller ammunition, Aigis’s fingers are detachable, able to slide open to shoot a stream of shells at Shadows.

Aigis, because she is an android, has many different extra powers at her disposal. One of which is Orgia mode, a skill she alone has that dramatically increases her attack strength but temporarily blocks her inhibition logic. Therefore when in Orgia mode Aigis cannot help with support and focuses only on taking down the enemy. After a short period in Orgia mode, Aigis overheats and a cool down period is necessary before she can continue fighting. While venting, Aigis can do nothing and is vulnerable to attack.

Aigis can also understand living things other than humans by receiving “images” they give off, though they are significantly harder to interpret than human speech. How she receives these “images” is not canonly stated, though perhaps it is due to her nature as a Shadow seek-and-destroy weapon that she perceives intent to a higher degree than humans. She mostly uses this power to convey messages from Koromaru, a dog that can use Persona.


Aigis will lose most of her power when in Landel’s since she will have lost her robotic body. She will completely lose her Orgia mode, and obviously she will not have the ability to swap her arms for guns. However, I believe Aigis would be able to understand the workings of a gun and, were she to gain hold of one, could very easily figure out how to use it.

Most of her perception and the ability to understand animal thoughts will also be lost. However, since her nature is that of a shadow seek-and-destroy weapon Aigis will be slightly more sensitive than the average human to the monsters. She will experience an uneasy feeling of dread just a few moments before an attack but, unless the monster happens to be slow, this is not likely to give her much of an advantage when attacked.

Non-otherworldy powers:

Aigis has been programmed with data from Iwatodai geographical records from 1999 as well as military tactical training. She also has a good handle on mathematics and science but Aigis is not a genius. She knows how to operate just about any type of gun and could probably figure out most complex machinery, such as a tank. She also has the capacity to store great deals of information much easier than the human brain, a sort of “photographic memory” though she admits that she saves most of her concentration for battle rather than learning.
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